The ultimate book on the architecture of the University of Twente.

On the Drienerlo estate near Enschede an architectural battle took place during the 1960s and 1970s. As a result the campus of the University of Twente is an open air museum of modern architecture. In this book the university buildings are put next to famous architecture from other countries and style periods. A surprising perspective which sheds new light on the campus architecture. By means of seven architectural themes – situation, route, space, place, face, detail and light – this book makes clear that the architecture of Drienerlo is world class: Architecture with a capital A.

About the author

Peter Timmerman (1972) is a publicist, architectural photographer and head of the Studium Generale at Twente University. He has collaborated on two exhibitions at the Netherlands Architecture Institute in Rotterdam; he is also a member of the Twente Architecture Centre’s programme committee. He has had articles published in the magazine Kunst en Wetenschap on a variety of architectural styles. He has published two books with Gert–Jan Hospers on the re–use of industrial heritage sites: Echt Twents: Oude gebouwen, nieuwe ideeën (2008) and Het Ruhrgebied voor romantici (2010).

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